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                Tiny Size Imperial ShihTzu

       I take great pride & pleasure in loving and breeding the small standard Shih Tzu, the Imperial  Shih Tzu & of course, the Chinese Imperial  Shih Tzu. Whether you are looking for a Purse size Shih Tzu, a Miniature Shih Tzu, Mini, Toy size Shih Tzu, Bite Size Shih Tzu, Lap size Shih Tzu, Micro pocket, Micro Purse Size Shih Tzu,or Tiny Teacup Shih Tzu, you have come to the place that totally understands how loving a little tiny Shih Tzu can change your life forever.  Our Shih Tzu are our beloved pets first and foremost, they spend hours  laying on our laps.

I love them dearly and  breed to improve the line every litter and take the time and effort, to ensure care in our breeding program, making sure it is the Creme de la Creme each and  every time.

We breed for Imperial Shih Tzu , Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu and the tiny purse Shih Tzu.

We have so much fun taking them every where and they love riding in the car or being carried in their own little purse to go to the store.  They really are tiny little fur babies and they love the attention they recieve when out and about from other people.

They are called MIcro Pocket Shih Tzu, Pocket Imperial Shih Tzu,, Tiny Size Shih Tzu,  Tiny Purse Shih Tzu,  Imperial Purse Size Shih Tzu, Bite Size Shih Tzu, Tiny size Imperial Shih Tzu, Tiny Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu or as we call them Our little lap warmers haha.

Most of our breeding stock live right  here with us,  although a couple live with our daughters.

 Each time I have a litter,  they are right here with me through the whole process.  I have them in my bedroom to keep a watchful eye on them, and to be able to listen for anything they may want or need.

I am very particular about who I let our babies go  to live with. 

I want them to be spoiled and loved in their forever homes, just as we love them here.


        I Never Sell To Brokers or Puppy Mills    



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