Tiny Size Imperial Shih Tzu

where we breed small standard Shih Tzu, Imperial Shih Tzu, and the Chinese Imperial Dog ShihTzu.
Our Shih Tzu sizes range from tiny 5 pounds to 8 pounds with an occasional breeding of standard Size      My Standards are exactly that, They Are Standard AKC size which can be 9-16 pounds, although I tend to breed for standard size between 9-12 pounds

My Imperials, Pocket Size, Micro Shih Tzu, Purse Size Shih TZu, Toy, Mini Shih Tzu or Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu are compeletly separate from the Standard Shih Tzu, they are not bred to each other.

We live in the San Diego area, I have lived in California most of my life. I lived a few years in beautiful Stuttgart Germany, where my middle daughter was born. I now live again in CA with  husband & all of our animals.

I am blessed with a  huge, happy, animal loving family. I used to breed Dobermans, and then moved on to breed Old English Sheepdogs. The O.E.S. was our favorite for about 12 years of owning and breeding them. Our last one died on our front porch at an old age and broke our hearts. She used to be the kids pillow while they watched TV and  fought over whose bedroom she got to sleep in that night.

Now our absolute favorites, ShihTzu,  Imperial ShihTzu, and Chinese Imperial ShihTzu. They are like our children, they sit on our laps and watch TV and they wait by the kitchen door for us to arrive
home (even if I only went to the garage to put a load of laundry in to wash.)

I breed for health FIRST, CONFORMATION, TEMPERAMENT, and to always strive for better each new litter.
          We have an array of colors, sizes, pedigrees, AND purse size, small, tiny, teacup, Imperial, AND                Pocket Size, Miniature Shih Tzu, Mini Shih Tzu, And The Tiny button nose, Short cobby body, flat face


                                                         cHINESE  iMPERIAL or just the Small Standard Size,
                                                                  OF LUXURIOUS, EXQUISITE LITTLE SHIH TZU.

                         I have been truly blessed by being able to enjoy the company of my Fur BAbies
                                                and by being able to love them and breed them.


                                              They really are a huge part of our whole family.
                                           LITTLE  SMOOSHIE, BABY DOLL FACED, FUR-BABIES