Swag and Prize on a shopping trip with me to Home Depot, lol

Three boys we use for studs

This is Prize all grown up. He has four litters now.


He is now 7 pounds exactly and stunning! He has a litter on the ground now

Our boy, Prize


   what a little        character.  he is one year old now, and a big boy. He has won many titles in puppy matches.


     he is our new future  little stud

        Thank you

   so much Cherie, He is from shangsu and He came all the way from Florida and is loving his new home with us          in California


He weighs 6 lb 3 oz

 He is A fat boy haha, he makes gorgeous  short cobby babies 
  he is the daddy of our tiny lil'  Paris.  he carries for liver, red, gold,  silver, and Parti color