This is Radiance we call her Rady. Sweet girl, wonderful mommy. She has two males available. I am keeping her female. She is a snuggler. 


Spayed & Retired



She is 7 lb 6 oz. and has tiny short cobby little puppies. She is bred now and hopefully expecting in March. This is a first time breeding of her and my boy, Prize.  

Paris is now up to 5 lb 1 oz and is in season, so we plan to breed her in a few days.  We are very excited! Should be due around the middle of September 2014.

Paris delivered two of the most beautiful little girls EVER!!

I kept the largest one and sold the smallest one. The little one will mature around 4-5 pounds absolutely stunning!! 

These are our little Pocket Shih Tzu, Micro, Toy Shih tzu, Purse Shih Tzu,Mini Shih Tzu,Imperial Shih Tzu, and our Little Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu.

They are such little loves and bring us so much joy in such a little cobby, short body. Their tiny little noses and cute smooshy, flat faces are to die for!

So go ahead and email us for details about our little new additions, or to see what we have coming up


  She weighs 6 pounds 2 oz. and she believes that she is just as big as any dog she sees.   She  loves to snuggle and watch TV with me.  Short tiny cobby little puppies. Always 5  pounds and under. 

Our tiny Paris, is her daughter.


Future momma, she weighs 9 1/2 pounds and she is almost 13 months old. She belongs to my friend, I can hardly wait


Maybe a  future momma.   

We are hopeful that she gets up to 5 pounds but for now, she is happy riding around in her little puppy purse.